Swimming is provided during the summer months (1st and 4th term). Toni-Anne Ward from the Monto Swimming Pool is hired as the instructor for the teaching of swimming as part of the school curriculum. Children will receive one lesson per week. The teacher in charge will assist with these lessons as required. A note from home is required to exempt a child from a particular swimming lesson. The Bus Levy covers the cost of bus transport in term one while Education Queensland assists with costs in term four. Parents may be asked to pay for their child’s entrance into the swimming pool each week. Parents with season passes to the Monto Swimming Pool will not have to pay for their child’s entrance into the pool for school lessons.

Instructions for swimming classes

Each child must wear a swim costume and bring a towel. All students must also wear a sun shirt, rash shirt or t-shirt over their togs or with their board shorts. On exceptionally hot days children without these items will not be allowed to swim.


1. Children suffering from an infection or from sores and skin complaints are to be excluded.

2. All pupils are to visit the toilet before swimming lessons.

3. All pupils are to shower before entering the pool.

4. Spitting and blowing one’s nose while in the water are prohibited.


1. Boisterous or noisy behaviour in and around the pool is not permitted.

2. Children are to wait until they are instructed to enter the water.

3. Running on the concrete, paving or curbing surrounding the pool is prohibited.

4. Jumping into the water, diving, swimming under water, taking an object into the water eg. a ball, is allowed only by special permission.


1. The number of children in the water should not exceed 35 per teacher.

2. All children, whether beginners or swimmers, must be under supervision.

3. Children should be arranged in pairs so that each child is with a partner during the swimming lesson.

4. Children should be instructed in emergency procedure: a) If in difficulty, or if someone else is in difficulty, raise one arm and call for help without delay. b) When the emergency signal is sounded, if in shallow water or on the land, stand still. If in deep water, swim to the nearest side, hold the rail and face the teacher 36.


Annually we hold our Mulgildie State School Inter-house Athletics Carnival. Our two house groups Archer (Red) and McKay (Yellow) battle it out on the oval in a day of competitive and fun competition. Events held for athletics include: 50m/80m or 100m sprints (depending on the child’s age group), 200m sprint, 400m/800m race (depending on the child’s age group), Long Jump, High Jump, Shotput/Vortex, Discus/Hoop Throw. Other activities on the day include: war cry competitions, novelty events and ball games. Each event will have a recorder (a staff member) that runs the event, organises students and records results and a parent helper. Parents are encouraged to attend this day as students respond well to parental support.

Cross country

Each year we travel into Monto to run in the Monto District Cross Country Carnival. Students compete against other schools within the district for the chance to progress to the North Burnett Cross Country Carnival. All students from our school attend the Monto District Carnival. Only students in years 4 and upwards have the opportunity to make the North Burnett trials for Cross Country. A student’s age will depend on what distance they will run in their Cross Country race.  

Last reviewed 15 August 2019
Last updated 15 August 2019